AERA Research on Evaluation SIG – Invitation to Nominate/Self-Nominate for Office

From the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Research on Evaluation Special Interest Group (SIG):  Invitation to Nominate/Self-Nominate for Office

Would you like to be more involved in shaping the direction of the Research on Evaluation SIG? We’re seeking people who are interested in leading! Key roles available include:

  • Chair-elect (1 year)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (1 year)
  • Secretary/Treasurer-Elect (1 year)
  • Program Chair-Elect (1 year)
  • Membership Chair (1 year)
  • Membership Chair-elect (1 year)

Descriptions are below. You may notice that some positions are for “elect” positions, meaning that if elected to the job, you will serve in the 21-22 academic year.

The Chair shall be responsible for the general administration of the SIG, for ensuring that the SIG Bylaws are followed, and shall act as liaison between the SIG and AERA and the SIG and the SIG Executive Committee. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the SIG’s Executive Committee and at the Annual Business Meeting. The Chair shall act as parliamentarian or shall appoint a SIG member to serve in that role for each meeting. The Chair shall appoint ad hoc committees as needed. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws, the Chair of the SIG shall appoint persons to assist officers, to chair committees or to carry out other work of the SIG. The Chair shall mentor the Chair-Elect during the Chair-Elect’s term of office.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for managing and reporting on the financial accounts of the SIG, safekeeping all financial documents of the SIG, preparing the minutes of the Annual Business Meeting, and communicating (i.e., paper or electronic information communication such as mailings, list server, email, and website) activities to the SIG membership. The Secretary-Treasurer shall mentor the Secretary-Treasurer-Elect during his/her term of office.

Program Chair
The Program Chair shall be responsible for promoting submissions to the SIG for the annual conference, coordinating the peer review process and communicating the SIG annual conference program to the SIG membership and to the greater AERA community. The Program Chair shall mentor the Program Chair-Elect during term of office.

Membership Chair
The Membership Chair will keep membership records, encourage professionals, scholars, and interested parties to join the SIG; and serve as Chair of the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee Chair is responsible for publicizing and managing the annual awards competition, for formal communication to nominees and those selected, securing awards plaques and all other duties associated with this function of the SIG. The Membership Chair shall mentor the Membership Chair-Elect/Appointee during term of office.  The Membership Chair will seek, receive and relay to the Executive Committee any feedback from members intended to improve the work of the SIG.

Please respond with your nomination (or self-nomination) by next Wednesday, November 13. All potential candidates need to be 1) members of our SIG and 2) regular (not graduate student) members of AEA.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to serve!



Rachael Lawrence, PhD (she/her)
Assistant Director
Center for Education Policy
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Managing Editor
American Journal of Evaluation

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