Share your Data Viz Techniques with SCEA!

We are looking for a few people to give short presentations on different aspects of data visualization. Are you interested?

The presentation can be about a visualization tool you use, a report you have completed, a technique you are fond of, an evaluation you are currently doing, or anything else that relates to data visualization. This is a great opportunity to reuse an existing presentation from a conference or previous talk.

If you are interested, post a comment here or contact Alana Kinarsky by Sunday, Feb 25 with a few sentences about your presentation idea. Your proposed presentation does not need to be fully developed, we can work with you to finalize the idea in the coming weeks. Once we have heard back from everyone, we will pick speakers and topics to ensure a cohesive panel.

The event will take place at a co-working space in Hollywood, but we have not yet finalized the date. We hope to have the event details finalized by the end of February so we have plenty of time to advertise to our network.

We look forward to seeing some new data visualization ideas!



  1. I’d love to help out! I’ve given some basic dataviz workshops recently, but I could also do more specific work such as how to do specific data visualizations in Excel and some of the research coming out of our dataviz working group at CGU (e.g., visualization of logic models and how that affects its visual efficiency, aesthetics, and credibility).

  2. Hi, there! I’m interested in presenting on differences between data visualization, information design, and strategic communication. Data viz is about interpreting and presenting data through compelling visualization, whereas, information design takes data viz and narrative to the next level through cohesive and intentional design principles. Strategic communication ties it all together in a story that is meaningful, memorable, and actionable.

  3. Hello,

    I am a member of Stephanie Evergreen’s Data Visualization academy and have used applied Stephanie’s principles in Excel to create charts and graphs. Before I create anything, I ask myself what’s the main point I’m trying to convey, sketch it out on paper, show it to a friend to see if it makes sense, and then create it in excel. I’d be happy to email a sample of my work. The sample chart asked people to rank 8 services provided from most preferred to least preferred. I did this using bar charts. Additionally, I created other graphs filtering information based on student class standing and services most/least preferred.

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